"Zoe Hyde’s work appears, at first impression, to be colourful abstract imagery painted in an exuberant and confident manner. But, once you get beyond the initial impact, you realise that there are substantially deeper meanings that give an eloquence and depth to her work. You are drawn into the underlying strata. Layer upon layer of intricate visual description that can be ‘read’, as if turning the pages of a good book. The more you explore the detail, the greater your absorption into the relationship of individual elements and the intensity of your own involvement.

There are powerful echoes of Lee Krasner in these paintings but from opposing aspects. Krasner’s work was a visual record of the turmoil and unpredictability of her relationship. Hyde’s images depict the gentle, affectionate, almost romantic relationship with those around her. Fragments of lives precisely placed within an abstract context, as if to give resonance to that which can be revealed and that which must remain unspoken. Experience and memories are here and all part of that common datum, life. My advice would be, to grasp any opportunity to see this work. You might make a discovery, certainly about the sincerity of the artist, but also, about yourself."

Review written by Terry Buchanan. Artist, Critic, Film maker, Writer


Zoe Hyde SWAc